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Check out our "How to Buy" page to place your order
Check out our "How to Buy" page to place your order

001V2D012 - Tschorn 3D Tester SLIMplus V2 - 12mm Shank, 129mm Reach, 3mm Probe Tip

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$350.00 USD
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  • Shank Size: 12 mm
  • Reach: 129 mm
  • Probe Tip: 3 mm Ball

Tschorn 3D Tester SLIMplus V2 - what is optimized?

The Tschorn 3D Tester version 2 - short V2 - is the further development of our famous Tschorn 3D Testers. Visually, the new scale stands out, which has been reduced to the most important details. But there are many more improvements to our 3D Tester V2:

  • stabilized shank
  • new measuring unit
  • precise probing mechanism
  • safe probe tips thanks to a bore hole for adjusting the probe tips with the help of the provided key

Advantages of the Tschorn 3D Testers in comparison to other models:

- Slim design: Thanks to the slim body, you have a better overview in the machine with our 3D Tester.

- Parallel running in X, Y and Z: Determine parallelism safely and reliably: The measuring system of your 3D Tester remains stable from the beginning and when changing direction. This is why you can read the indicator movement without any doubt and align your vice (or workpiece) quickly and accurately.

- Robust & antimagnetic probe tips: Our probe tips are made out of stainless steel with a carbide ball - they only break when it matters! With our 3D Tester, you only need about 2 probe tips per year. With conventional 3D Testers, this can be up to 10 pieces per year.

- Unbreakable: Thanks to the Protection-System = Your 3D Tester has the best possible protection through mechanical end stops within the probing unit. In the event of a crash, they absorb all destructive forces before the measuring unit and prevent damage in the measuring unit of your 3D Tester.

- Waterproof: IP67