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Check out our "How to Buy" page to place your order
Check out our "How to Buy" page to place your order

Return by Exchange

We offer a return by exchange program for all customers who damage their 3D testers. For a flat fee of USD $199.00/unit we offer an exchange for your 3D tester for a factory reconditioned 3D tester. 


Place an order for the equivalent model to your 3D tester through your DM Metrology authorized dealer. Ship your damaged unit directly to DM Metrology at the following address.

DM Metrology Inc

14-1860 Appleby line, suite 216

Burlington, Ontario, L7L 7H7


Once unit is received we will ship you a refurbished unit of the same model.

Models available for exchange:

E-001V2D012 SLIMplus V2 12mm USD 199.00
E-001V2D05I SLIMplus V2 1/2" USD 199.00
E-001V2DB12 SLIMplus Black 12mm USD 199.00
E-001V2DB5I SLIMplus Black 1/2" USD 199.00
E-001V2V012 VIplus 12mm USD 199.00
E-001V2V05I VIplus 1/2" USD 199.00
E-001V2T020 DREHplus 20mm USD 199.00